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Proudly Serving Donegal, PA Since 1988

Financial & Group Service, Inc. has been providing clients in Donegal, PA and throughout PA with quality and affordable health, life, long term and disability insurance. With the changes in healthcare in recent years, we can help you make sense of different coverages and options in order to find the right plan for you and your family. We offer no-cost, face-to-face consultations to get to know you and create a custom policy that fits your needs.

In 1988, we founded our company with the express purpose of aiding people in picking the proper coverages. As an independent broker who works for the client, and not the respective insurance companies, we are looking out for your needs. For a team you can trust to have your best interest in mind when recommending insurance plans, choose Financial & Group Services, Inc. We can cover your health insurance needs from cradle to grave!

We specialize in medical and health insurance plans, as well as long-term care, disability, and life insurance policies. We know choosing insurance with different options and coverages can be very confusing, but we aim to make sense of all of it for you, so you feel confident going forward that you’re protected for whatever life throws at you.

For more information regarding our insurance coverages and policies, contact our office by calling 1-800-628-7804 or (724) 593-2081. We look forward to meeting and working with you!